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Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment combines prescription medication such as Vivitrol, Suboxone, and Sublocade (and other buprenorphine-based medications) with behavioral therapy to help people recover from addiction to opioids, alcohol, cocaine, fentanyl, and other illicit drugs.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Patients help people stop using their opioid of choice, while reducing cravings and minimizing withdrawal symptoms. Patients can take their medication in the privacy of their own home and on a schedule that works for them.

Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis is an alternative treatment that helps those with chronic and severe medical conditions that have not improved with the traditional medical approach, or for conditions where traditional treatments have harmful or adverse side effects.

We provide Medical Marijuana Certification Cards (New and Renewals) to qualified patients within minutes- qualified patients are those who have registered with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, received approval and have a Patient Identification number. After your tele-health visit you will be able shop at any licensed Maryland Medical Dispensary same day.

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